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Build-to-Suit Offering

We have flexible solutions that allow you to design and customise your data centre facility and operations to meet your needs. These include specifications on location, size and design with the optimal resiliency level as required for mission critical infrastructure to support your business in a cost-effective manner.

Through our Build-to-Suit offering, we help customers reduce development risk (from land acquisition and construction management to operational readiness), as well as provide reliable time-to-market.

Leveraging the YTL Group’s leading presence and expertise in the real estate, construction, power generation and telecommunications industries, we will:

  • Work with you to identify and select the right geographic location and site / plot
  • Secure the right power generation mix for the data center facility to ensure high power resiliency, with minimal carbon footprint
  • Provide personal consultation and collaboration on your specific design requirements
  • Project manage and construct high quality energy efficient data centers on time, with our proven construction methodology using industry best practices
  • Provide best-in-class data center operations that adhere to best industry standards and compliance


We provide co-location services that are secure and cost efficient, while giving you the design flexibility to scale your IT infrastructure, as well as efficient control over your data operations.

As your digital solutions partner, we provide a firm foundation which you can rely upon to reach new markets in South East Asia.

Our data centres are designed and developed to meet industry standards and compliance, with a strong focus on high resiliency and efficiency to ensure minimal disruptions to our customers’ business.

Supported by the YTL Group’s expertise in the power generation business, we have a sustainability roadmap to power our existing and new data centres with 100% green, renewable energy.

Our colocation offering provides:

  • Flexible turn-key solutions with concurrent maintenance power and cooling infrastructure designed to meet critical infrastructure requirements.
  • Highly secure facilities designed to keep business data safe inclusive of 24/7 security, dual authentication systems, man traps and security surveillance systems to meet the most stringent compliance requirements and controls.
  • Strong interconnectivity with access to local and global interconnections through a strong ecosystem of telecommunications partners.

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